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Betel Nut: An Asian Tradition

Travellers in Asia may be surprised to discover how widespread the practice of chewing betel nut is. It’s common in many regions, from South Asia to Indochina and beyond. Visitors may be unaware that betel nut isn’t just a chewy stimulant. It has a social and cultural history dating back centuries and is even a symbol of love and marriage.    

Climbing to the Tiger's Nest in Bhutan

It’s a long, hard climb to the Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan’s most famous monastery. But the rewards are worth it. Visiting this Buddhist monastery, perched on a mountain cliff high above the Paro valley, is an unforgettable experience. And senior travellers shouldn’t be put off. Many will find it well within their grasp.

Cruising on Dhaka’s Buriganga River

For visitors to Dhaka, a cruise on the city’s main river, the Buriganga, offers a memorable way to see something of the Bangladesh countryside. The river runs southeast from the city and joins up with other major rivers that lead to the Ganges Delta, which stretches across most of the country’s south. A day trip lets you leave behind the crowded capital and watch life unfold along the river banks.

Batu Gajah’s Colourful Colonial History

Most visitors to Kellie’s Castle, a popular tourist attraction north of Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, don’t venture into the nearby town of Batu Gajah. But the town, for decades the centre of Malaysia’s tin mining boom, has a lot to offer senior travellers with an interest in history. It has a rich colonial past and many intriguing sights.

Coloane: Macau Beyond the Casinos

Macau is a gambler’s paradise, the Vegas of the East. It’s also the most densely-crowded territory on earth. But there’s another part of Macau that many people don’t know about. And for senior travellers, it provides a refreshing respite from the teeming casino and shopping strips.

Kathmandu's Tranquil Garden of Dreams

Kathmandu’s Garden of Dreams is an oasis in the heart of a hectic city. Once a private garden, it lay in disrepair for decades before being restored for public use. It’s right next door to Kathmandu’s main tourist district, Thamel. Once you chill out in the garden, you may find yourself in no hurry to leave.

Top 5 Destinations in Asia for Senior Travellers

What are the top 5 destinations in Asia for first-time visitors that would appeal most to senior travellers? It’s advisable to start with destinations that provide a ‘soft landing’, and not ones like India that can be quite overwhelming for less experienced travellers. Here are our recommendations for the best places to visit for those new to Asia.

Rediscovering Graham Greene’s Saigon

After more than 60 years, Graham Greene’s classic novel about Vietnam, The Quiet American, continues to captivate readers. Visitors to Ho Chi Minh City can retrace the author’s footsteps and visit some of the places mentioned in the book – a particular pleasure for senior travellers with a feel for history.

The Hill Stations of Southern India

The hill stations in the Himalayan foothills in northern India may be more famous, but those in India’s southern states have a lot to offer senior travellers. Most of them are in the more easily accessible Western Ghats, a biologically diverse mountain range that runs through five states.

A Stream Through the Heart of Seoul

Cheonggyecheon is a stream that runs for 11 km through the heart of South Korea’s capital, Seoul. Since being redeveloped in 2005 it has become a popular tourist destination, featuring a linear park and many attractions. But it wasn’t always as clean or popular as it is today. The stream has a turbulent history.