I got back from Australia yesterday afternoon and discovered that one of the tyres on my pickup was flat. I swapped it with the spare and took it down to a vulcanizing shop on IBP Road at Batasan Hills that I had used before.

The young guy in this photo fixed it in about 10 minutes and put it back on the car. I asked him how much that was, and I thought he said 550 pesos. Having just spent three weeks in Australia and still thinking Australian prices, that didn't seem a lot, but he looked surprised when I pulled 550 pesos out of my wallet.

"No, no," he said, "that's 150 pesos not 550!"  I was slightly embarrassed because I should have known that 550 pesos ($11) was too much for a tyre repair in the Philippines, when that's more than what these most of these guys earn in a day.  But I was impressed with his honesty because he could have easily taken my money without me being any the wiser (maybe later on I may have thought it was a bit expensive).

In some parts of Manila repair shop employees might take advantage of foreigners who don't know the local prices. But not many foreigners live in this part of Manila, so it's not part of the culture to charge foreigners more.

I gave him a 50 pesos tip, and he seemed happy with that.