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Singapore: Home to Asia’s Best Orchid Gardens

The best orchid gardens in Asia are located in Singapore. They are arguably the best orchid gardens in the whole of the tropical world. Any visitor to Asia who appreciates the beauty of orchids should include these gardens on their travel itinerary. This short guide describes the three best places to see flowering orchids in Singapore.

Kathmandu's Tranquil Garden of Dreams

Kathmandu’s Garden of Dreams is an oasis in the heart of a hectic city. Once a private garden, it lay in disrepair for decades before being restored for public use. It’s right next door to Kathmandu’s main tourist district, Thamel. Once you chill out in the garden, you may find yourself in no hurry to leave.

Japan’s Beautiful Wisteria Gardens

Japan’s wisteria flowering season is from about mid-April to mid-May, immediately following the sakura (cherry blossom) season, so if you’ve not been able to make it to Japan to see the cherry blossoms, then the wisteria flowering season provides an excellent substitute.