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Car Rentals in Southeast Asia: Where Is It Possible?

Thinking of renting a car in Southeast Asia? In some countries it’s possible but in others it’s not. And in those where self-drive rental cars are available, there are dangers to be aware of. In several countries driving yourself is not recommended unless you’ve had previous experience of driving in Asia. Check out our guide to the best countries in which to rent a car.

Asia’s Top Festivals: A Guide to 6 of the Best

When you’re travelling in Asia, you’ll probably want to see some of its famous festivals. Each country has its own, religious or cultural, traditional or modern. Some of the biggest festivals, especially religious ones, reach beyond national borders and are celebrated by huge numbers of people across the continent. Here’s a concise guide to six of Asia’s top international festivals. 

Brunei Travel Guide

At first glance, the tiny nation of Brunei on Borneo island appears to have little to offer visitors. It’s prosperous but quiet, without the usual Asian urban bustle or the rollicking nightlife that many tourists crave. But this is precisely why some senior travellers will like it – combined with the fact that it has some fine tropical rainforests.