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Sampling Asia’s Locally-Made Drinks

For those who enjoy a tipple, one of the pleasures of travelling in Asia is sampling some of the locally-produced drinks. A wide selection of alcoholic drinks is available, with many countries producing not only their own beer and wine but a sometimes surprising range of spirits. 

Discovering Ipoh's Relaxed Charms

Once the centre of a decades-long tin mining boom, Malaysia’s third-largest city, Ipoh, has now come into its own as holiday destination. Its historic old town has seen a renaissance and is a popular shopping and dining district. The craggy limestone hills that surround the city contain many caves, some housing temples. It’s a city that will appeal to senior travellers in search of history, good food and a bit of easy adventure. 

Best Places to Wine and Dine in Hong Kong

Food, glorious food — we all have to eat and drink, but for many older travellers, age ensures that they appreciate the experience of every morsel even more. Food is a point of differentiation for many destinations and Hong Kong, where East meets West, is no exception. It’s a city where every gastronomic appetite can be whet.