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10 Tips for Senior Travellers in Asia

More senior travellers than ever are visiting Asia these days, and enjoying it to the full. The knowledge they have acquired over the years helps them appreciate new countries and cultures. They face challenges too, not least in staying healthy while on the road. Here are 10 tips on how older travellers can make the most of their Asian trip.

Car Rentals in Southeast Asia: Where Is It Possible?

Thinking of renting a car in Southeast Asia? In some countries it’s possible but in others it’s not. And in those where self-drive rental cars are available, there are dangers to be aware of. In several countries driving yourself is not recommended unless you’ve had previous experience of driving in Asia. Check out our guide to the best countries in which to rent a car.

Handy Free Apps for Senior Travellers

Many senior travellers today use a smartphone to make their journeys safer, easier and more fulfilling. In addition to staying in touch with loved ones and keeping up with the news while travelling, they can download apps that provide a range of useful information. Here are some free apps that older travellers may find helpful.