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Sampling Asia’s Locally-Made Drinks

For those who enjoy a tipple, one of the pleasures of travelling in Asia is sampling some of the locally-produced drinks. A wide selection of alcoholic drinks is available, with many countries producing not only their own beer and wine but a sometimes surprising range of spirits. 

Asia’s Top Festivals: A Guide to 6 of the Best

When you’re travelling in Asia, you’ll probably want to see some of its famous festivals. Each country has its own, religious or cultural, traditional or modern. Some of the biggest festivals, especially religious ones, reach beyond national borders and are celebrated by huge numbers of people across the continent. Here’s a concise guide to six of Asia’s top international festivals. 

A Stream Through the Heart of Seoul

Cheonggyecheon is a stream that runs for 11 km through the heart of South Korea’s capital, Seoul. Since being redeveloped in 2005 it has become a popular tourist destination, featuring a linear park and many attractions. But it wasn’t always as clean or popular as it is today. The stream has a turbulent history.