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Sampling Asia’s Locally-Made Drinks

For those who enjoy a tipple, one of the pleasures of travelling in Asia is sampling some of the locally-produced drinks. A wide selection of alcoholic drinks is available, with many countries producing not only their own beer and wine but a sometimes surprising range of spirits. 

Searching for the Best Value Beach Resorts in Asia

Looking for the best value beach resorts in Asia? Identifying those that might qualify for that title can be quite a challenge. Online searches are dominated by commercial listings and fake travel blog posts. Room rates and resort reviews can change from good to bad in only a few years. Here are some tips to help you search for places that offer value for money for senior travellers.

In the Hill Country: Walks near Nuwara Eliya

Sri Lanka’s Hill Country is ideal for walking, with its many hiking trails, cool weather and exceptional views. In the heart of the region is Nuwara Eliya, once a colonial hill station and now a busy city that has retained something of its English flavour. The surrounding tea plantations offer memorable hikes. It’s also perfectly situated for the walk to World’s End in Horton Plains National Park, one of the Hill Country’s most spectacular hiking destinations. 

The Asian Bullock Cart, Still Rolling Along

The humble bullock cart has been an important means of transport in Asia since ancient times. It has survived into the modern age and continues to be used in many parts of the continent despite fierce competition from tractors and other motorised transport. The bullock cart represents a side of Asia where tradition holds sway even in the 21st century.

Asia’s Top Festivals: A Guide to 6 of the Best

When you’re travelling in Asia, you’ll probably want to see some of its famous festivals. Each country has its own, religious or cultural, traditional or modern. Some of the biggest festivals, especially religious ones, reach beyond national borders and are celebrated by huge numbers of people across the continent. Here’s a concise guide to six of Asia’s top international festivals. 

The Asian Elephant: Symbol of a Continent

The Asian elephant still lives in the wild in at least 13 countries. But it’s facing ever-growing competition for land from humans and its numbers are declining. Many others live in captivity and work in the logging industry, at temples and in the tourism business. Travellers who want to see these gentle giants at close hand have several options.  

Sri Lanka Travel Guide

This island nation — once known as Ceylon — off the southern tip of India is not often thought of as a suitable travel destination for seniors given its history of civil war, but for history buffs, and those interested in nature, wildlife and cultural festivals, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer.