Copyright Notices

Articles on this website may not be copied and published elsewhere. However, this does not preclude linking to articles from other sites or sharing of articles on social media, the links for which are shown at the bottom of each article.

Stock and editorial images

Photographs that carry a © symbol and credit lines that indicate they have been sourced from Dreamstime, Getty Images, iStock or Shutterstock may not be copied. These are paid stock or editorial photographs for which licence fees have been paid by xyzAsia magazine.

Our own images

Photographs by our staff writers, namely David Astley, Nannette Holliday and Alan Williams, and guest authors, with the © symbol may be copied, distributed and shared in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 International Public Licence.

The licence conditions are summarised here:

And the full licence is here:

In summary this means that you can use those photographs without getting permission from us provided it is for non-commercial use and provided you include the required attribution.


1. A credit line following your usual format naming both the photographer and xyzAsia magazine (e.g. “Photo by David Astley | xyzAsia”).

2. The word ‘xyzAsia’ must be hyperlinked to either or

Provided you have met the above conditions, you do not have to notify us that you are using our images (but if you have the time to let us know, that would be appreciated).

For any proposed COMMERCIAL USE of our writer's photographs, you should contact us at the email address shown on the contact page of this website.

Public domain images

Photographs that do not display a © symbol are public domain images sourced primarily from Unsplash and Pixabay. Whilst it is the policy of xyzAsia magazine to credit the photographers of all images used with a link back to their stock photo profiles, public domain images may be shared freely without attribution.