Wet and windy Bahamas

Today was a cool, wet and windy day in the Bahamas – not what you expect even at this time of the year. I only went out of the hotel once to buy some lunch. I managed to dodge the rain but nearly got blown off my feet – it was almost like a hurricane.

As I passed by the Straw Market on the way back to my hotel I noticed the locals were keeping warm in winter jackets with fur collars and woolen hats. The fact that they have all these winter clothes, must mean that it gets cold here at some times of the year.

I pitied the poor tourists who had arrived in Nassau aboard four more cruise ships (there seem to be four ships a day that call into Nassau – they arrive early in the morning, disgorge their passengers after breakfast, and leave at night – to go onto the next island I suppose).

I expect they were here escaping the cold US weather and coming to the Bahamas looking for warm sunshine – but today they would be disappointed. At least it is better than the below freezing temperatures that large parts of the US are experiencing at the moment. One of the delegates to the conference that I am attending here told me that he came via Toronto, and it was minus 40 there.

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Not so exotic Nassau