Earthquakes caused by gays

I was browsing the website tonight and read a story about an Israeli politician by the name of Shlomo Benizri, who belongs to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Shas Party, who told the Israeli parliament today that the only way to stop earthquakes was to stop liberalising laws concerning homosexuals.

Apparently Mr Benizri believes that “passing legislation on how to encourage homosexual activity in the state of Israel” is why earthquakes happen.

Where do these nutters come from?

Another story I read was about a dying solar system known as WR104 that was discovered by University of Sydney astronomer Peter Tuthill which contains a Wolf-Ravet star – which is the name given to a star in its last stages of life before it explodes in a massive supernova.

When this happens, the story told us, it could unleash a burst of gamma-ray radiation in the direction of Earth that could wipe out 50 per cent of the world’s ozone layer in 10 seconds. And the consequence of that, apparently, is that the radiation the depleted ozone layer will let through will kill us all.

Perhaps Mr Benizri will blame that on gays too.

PS: No need to panic - the star may not explode for another couple of hundred thousand years according to Dr Tuthill.

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