Good news for Hong Kong coffee lovers

Back to the airport for my flight to Seoul and Ulaanbaatar, I had a coffee at one of the Pacific Coffee shops near the check-in counters. When traveling out of Hong Kong, I always have a coffee before going through passport control, because once through on the other side there is nothing but Starbucks – or so I thought.

Today when I was walking to my departure gate I noticed that Starbucks had been replaced by a variety of other coffee chains – and good ones at that – like Segafredo near gate 2, Pacific Coffee near gate 28 and Illy near gate 30. That was as far as I got, so I don’t know whether there were any Starbucks left between there and gate 71, or whether the airport management had thrown them all out in response to complaints from travelers about not being able to get a decent cup of coffee on the airside of immigration.

Even if those are the only three new ones, that’s great news for coffee lovers, as they now have a good choice of coffee places to choose from.

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