The art of Longenburg’s U-bahn station

On the way back to Bonn, I got off at Longenburg station for a while to take some photographs of the modern art decorating the walls of this station. I’d spotted it on the way out to Konigswinter, but hadn’t been quick enough to get off the tram before the doors closed. I’d seen a couple of other stations with some modern art on the walls on the underground sections of the U-bahn, but this was the only above-ground station that I saw like this.

Nearly every wall of Longenburg station has been painted by different artists. Some of the art has been spoiled by graffiti vandals, as can be seen in the first picture below, but most of it is standing up quite well to the elements (natural and human). It certainly brightens the station up and gives some local artists (I’m assuming they were locals) an opportunity to show off their artistic skills. There seemed to be a few aspiring Picassos amongst them.

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