Duty free pornography

I was browsing in one of the duty free shops in Amsterdam's Schipol airport early this morning whilst waiting for a connecting flight to Budapest, when I noticed one of the aisles labeled 'Adult DVDs'.

I'd seen an 'adult shop' in a German airport before (hidden behind a red curtain) but this was the first time I had seen adult movies in an airport duty free shop. It made me wonder what the duty free allowances were in Holland (maybe 200 cigarettes, a litre of alcohol, one bottle of perfume and a pornographic DVD?)

It was also interesting to note that nobody seemed to be taking any interest in the adult movies. People were browsing all the latest digital gadgets, iPods, cameras, latest Hollywood movies (in the next aisle) and music CDs, but the adult DVDs aisle was empty.

Perhaps there is some truth in the argument that has been advanced by some sociologists that when you give people open access to pornography, they lose interest in it after a while.

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