Friendly service at the Hotel Ambassadeur

It’s quite common to see people staying in hotels leave the restaurant where their breakfast buffet is served with a muffin or an apple in their hands – for a mid-morning snack I suppose.

But not so at the Hotel Ambassadeur in Juan-les-Pins where I am staying.

Here nobody dares take anything out of the restaurant. There is a large sign on the door that says any guest who takes any food items from the restaurant will be charged 40 euros extra. I guess that’s more in the nature of a fine than a ‘charge’ because the breakfast buffet is only 22 euros (I use the word ‘only’ in a comparative sense because in Malaysia 22 euros would buy you dinner for two with wine included).

Maybe the hotel manager is a graduate of the Robert Mugabe School of Hospitality.

But I don’t think whoever designed the layout of the rooms went to any school at all. Check out the photo below to see where they located the in-room safe.

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