Late starters in Juan-les-Pins

I had booked a taxi to take me to Nice airport at 12 noon so I decided to take a stroll down to the beach at about 10.00 am after packing my bags.

I stopped at a café for an espresso and noticed how quiet Jean-les-Pins is in the morning. There was a couple having an orange juice in front of me, but otherwise the main street was deserted.

I walked down to the beachfront at about 10.20 am and still none of the shops were open.

When I got to the beach, that was completely deserted too. The beach chairs and umbrellas had been set up, waiting for customers, but it seemed that nobody was out of bed yet.

I headed back to my hotel at 10.30 am wondering whether the residents of Juan-les-Pins had been abducted by aliens overnight, or whether 10.30 am is just too early to start the day in the south of France.

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