A fun flight with Air France

I managed a few hours sleep on the flight from Paris to Bangkok. It's been a few years since I've done a long haul flight with Air France and I was pleased to see that the quality of the food onboard was still very good - much better than most other airlines.

After a brief stopover in Bangkok we took on another crew for the flight down to Ho Chi Minh City. After take-off the captain came on the intercom to announce that this was a 'special flight' because it was the last flight of one of the flight attendants. After the captain's announcement most of the male flight attendants donned women's wigs. I am not sure of the significance of that - maybe it's some sort of ritual for Air France flight attendants who leave the airline.

The female flight attendants all had the same hair style too - but in different colours. Their hair was like that when they boarded so I wasn't sure if they were wearing wigs as well. I was going to ask one of them, but then had second thoughts in case she was not wearing a wig and might be offended by me asking.

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