Missed opportunity for an aerobatic adventure flight


I caught up with an old friend this afternoon, Troy Smith, an ex-TV industry colleague. We both worked for North Queensland Television in Townsville for many years before moving overseas to work - me to Malaysia and he to Hong Kong and the UK.

He was lucky enough to be able to retire from all the pressures of the corporate TV world earlier than me, and is now pursuing his passion of flying with the only ex-USAF Mentor T-34 in Australia. He bought it in the US for his Aerotrek Adventure Flights business which operates out of the Caboolture airfield in southern Queensland.

His T-34 is in superb condition, and is a fully aerobatic aircraft. He would have given me a demonstration this afternoon but unfortunately it was a rainy day with low cloud. And maybe that wouldn't have been such a good idea so soon after my eye surgery!

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