Foul smells in the air, foul sights on the ground

Arrived in Rome after a 12 hours Qantas flight from Singapore en route to the EBU General Assembly in Naples. I had to endure a night sitting next to a West Australian Caterpillar dealer who had the smelliest feet I have ever come across in my life.  The flight was full so I couldn’t ask to move to another seat. The smell seemed to ease after about seven hours into the flight, but that was probably because the odour eventually exhausted my auditory senses. 

After a short flight down to Naples, had a walk around the city after checking into the Hotel Vesuvio overlooking the bay, with Mt Pompeii in the distance. Naples is an interesting city but sightseeing is difficult on foot because there is so much dog shit on the ground, you have to constantly watch where you are walking.

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