Pornography and hot bodies at Naples airport

The taxi driver taking me back to Naples airport did the trip in about 15 minutes (whereas it took the best part of an hour to get in). He took a short cut through the port area and we were racing along wharves at over 100kph like something out of an action movie. Then onto a freeway and we were up to 160kph. The meter on arrival at the airport read only 25 euros, but he demanded 40 euros – on what basis I am not sure.  After some haggling we settled on 30 euros – but then he still demanded another 2 euros for his “morning coffee”.

The airport newsstand at Naples airport looks like what would be classified as a pornographic bookstore in many other countries.  There were piles of magazines featuring nude women stacked up on the floor where kids can easily view them something that would not be permitted in most other countries.

There was a plane parked right outside the boarding gate at Naples airport, but I assumed our plane must have been parked somewhere else as we were all loaded onto two buses that were parked about 25 metres in front of the nose of the plane. We waited in the heat for about 10 minutes, jam packed into the buses with no air-conditioning on, and then the buses eventually left – and then they stopped by the side of the plane, having traveled no more than three bus lengths! We then got off and boarded the plane. Why we couldn’t have walked to the plane, I do not know.

Worst airline awards 2006

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