Boomer Travel or Senior Travel: What’s the Difference?

Baby boomers and senior citizens are travelling the world like never before, ticking off destinations on their bucket lists and spending retirement savings on travel experiences that they weren’t able to accomplish in their younger working years. From budget travel to luxury travel, more and more boomers and seniors are on the road. But do these terms for older travellers mean the same?

Hachiko -- Japan’s Favourite Dog

The story of Hachiko, the dog who waited at a Tokyo railway station for almost a decade for the arrival of his deceased master, is well known in Japan. A memorial to Hachiko outside the busy Shibuya Station is a testament to how Japanese people value loyalty and perseverance.

Bhutan Travel Guide

Bhutan is in many ways an ideal destination for senior travellers. This little Himalayan kingdom has an unusual approach to tourism that is geared towards wealthier visitors. Backpacking is forbidden and budget travellers are discouraged. Those who choose to visit are rewarded with breathtaking scenery and a society that continues to embrace a traditional, unhurried way of life.

Borneo Bound: Exploring Kuching

The Malaysian city of Kuching in Sarawak is known as the launch pad for adventure holidays in Borneo. Visitors pass through on their way to the rainforests and caves of the interior. But travellers who choose to spend a few days here will find it has attractions of its own. For a start, it has a surprisingly rich and well-preserved colonial history.

The Asian Elephant: Symbol of a Continent

The Asian elephant still lives in the wild in at least 13 countries. But it’s facing ever-growing competition for land from humans and its numbers are declining. Many others live in captivity and work in the logging industry, at temples and in the tourism business. Travellers who want to see these gentle giants at close hand have several options.  

Betel Nut: An Asian Tradition

Travellers in Asia may be surprised to discover how widespread the practice of chewing betel nut is. It’s common in many regions, from South Asia to Indochina and beyond. Visitors may be unaware that betel nut isn’t just a chewy stimulant. It has a social and cultural history dating back centuries and is even a symbol of love and marriage.    

Climbing to the Tiger's Nest in Bhutan

It’s a long, hard climb to the Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan’s most famous monastery. But the rewards are worth it. Visiting this Buddhist monastery, perched on a mountain cliff high above the Paro valley, is an unforgettable experience. And senior travellers shouldn’t be put off. Many will find it well within their grasp.

Best Places to Wine and Dine in Hong Kong

Food, glorious food — we all have to eat and drink, but for many older travellers, age ensures that they appreciate the experience of every morsel even more. Food is a point of differentiation for many destinations and Hong Kong, where East meets West, is no exception. It’s a city where every gastronomic appetite can be whet.

Handy Free Apps for Senior Travellers

Many senior travellers today use a smartphone to make their journeys safer, easier and more fulfilling. In addition to staying in touch with loved ones and keeping up with the news while travelling, they can download apps that provide a range of useful information. Here are some free apps that older travellers may find helpful.

Cruising on Dhaka’s Buriganga River

For visitors to Dhaka, a cruise on the city’s main river, the Buriganga, offers a memorable way to see something of the Bangladesh countryside. The river runs southeast from the city and joins up with other major rivers that lead to the Ganges Delta, which stretches across most of the country’s south. A day trip lets you leave behind the crowded capital and watch life unfold along the river banks.

Batu Gajah’s Colourful Colonial History

Most visitors to Kellie’s Castle, a popular tourist attraction north of Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, don’t venture into the nearby town of Batu Gajah. But the town, for decades the centre of Malaysia’s tin mining boom, has a lot to offer senior travellers with an interest in history. It has a rich colonial past and many intriguing sights.

Nepal Travel Guide

Since opening its doors to tourism in the mid-20th century, Nepal has become one of Asia’s top destinations. In recent years it has bounced back from civil war and a devastating earthquake to attract growing numbers of visitors. Among them are many senior travellers, who can delve into its culture and history while they enjoy its Himalayan scenery and exciting wildlife reserves. 

Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong has always been a popular stopover destination, and much can be seen and done within a couple of days, but this hardly enables visitors to scratch the surface of this many-layered, world-class city. Hong Kong is a destination that can be exceptionally rewarding for senior travellers who have the time to explore it further.