Putrajaya from the air

I’ve been trying to get a good shot of Putrajaya – Malaysia’s new administrative centre – from the air for quite some time now, as it’s located just east of the northern approach to KLIA, but I always seem to be sitting on the wrong side of the plane, or it’s night or it’s raining, or we make our approach from the wrong direction.

Today I thought we had a chance when my flight from Singapore came in from the south and I found myself on the right side of the plane (‘right’ meaning correct side, but it was actually the left side) and we flew past KLIA and did a left hand circle over Putrajaya. However, the shot I got (below) wasn’t as good as I had hoped for because there was quite a lot of cloud around and the window of the plane I was on (a Jetstar A320) was quite dirty.

However, the shot does show quite well how Putrajaya is developed around lakes – which are actually old open-cut tin mines that have filled up with water. I’ve heard that some of the cat fish in these lakes are enormous – perhaps that’s due to a heavy metal diet?

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