Rich photographers? No way!

On my way back from dinner this evening, I noticed a small exhibition of photographs of Indonesia in the shopping centre next to my hotel. Most of them were very good landscape photographs, and they were being offered for sale in a nice frame. But they seemed to be quite expensive for Indonesia – most were priced between two and six million rupiah (US$200-600) – and I’d question whether some were worth that because they were rather over-saturated.

As I was standing looking at the photos, I heard a couple behind me remark about the prices. The woman said: “Oh, I didn’t know photographers made so much money – it must be a good way to get rich.” How I wish! I don’t think there are many professional photographers that would regard themselves as ‘rich’. Most struggle to make ends meet, practising a profession that they enjoy – but doing it more for the love of it than the money. If you could get rich by taking landscape photographs, I’d give up my day job in a flash! (And anyway, none of the photographs had a ‘sold’ sign on them yet).

Putrajaya from the air

Crash helmets or clash helmets?