The ASEAN Golden Melodies Festival

I have been trying to log onto the ASEAN Golden Melodies website during the week ( to get the list of winners from the event that I attended in Ho Chi Minh City last weekend, but I keep getting error messages.

I managed to get hold of a list of the winners direct from the organisers yesterday, so I will post those here in case anyone else is looking for them. I've also posted a few photographs from the concerts below. The photos are a bit soft as I shot them all at 1000 ISO from where I was sitting (the distance was too far to use flash).

ASEAN Golden Melodies Festival 2008 winners:

Folk categories -

- Gold Medals: Ms Hong Ngat (Vietnam) and Mr Reynaldo Raymond Pagi (Malaysia)
- Silver Medals: Mr Dam Vinh Hung (Vietnam) and Ms Nur Nadia Fadilla Abu Bakar (Malaysia)
- Bronze Medals: Mr Hendra Sudarmanto (Indonesia) and Ms Putri Norizah Ibnor Riza (Brunei)

Pop categories -

- Gold Medals: Ms Nur Nadia Fadilla Abu Bakar (Malaysia) and Ms Ngoc Anh (Vietnam)
- Silver Medals: Mr Minh Quan (Vietnam) and Mr Dam Vinh Hung (Vietnam)
- Bronze Medals: Ms Nykó Macá (Philippines) and Ms Dio Annisa Hapsari (Indonesia)

The two photos above were taken during the opening sequences

Above: Dam Vinh Hung of Vietnam won silver medals in both the folk and pop categories

Above: 14-year-old Pimnara Varahajirakul from Thailand was the youngest performer

Above: Daw Lé Lé Win and Ye Yini Wai Lwin from Myanmar perform a folk song

Above: Guest artiste from Korea

Above: Hong Ngat of Vietnam won a gold medal for her folk song

Above: Putri Norizah Ibnor Riza from Brunei won a bronze medal in the folk category

Above: Guest artiste from China

Above: Dio Annisa Hapsari of Indonesia picked up a bronze medal for her pop song

Above: Nykó Macá from the Philippines was the other bronze medal winner in the pop category

Above: Minh Quan and Dam Vinh Hung from Vietnam (left) were silver medal winners whilst Nur Nadia Fadilla Abu Bakar from Malaysia (right) picked up both a gold and a silver

Above: Reynaldo Raymond Pagi of Malaysia won a gold medal in the folk category

Above: The three girls from Indonesia (Dio Annisa Hapsari), Brunei (Putri Norizah Ibnor Riza) and the Philippines (Nykó Macá) were my favourites – they didn't win golds but at least they won bronze medals. Dio Annisa's singing partner from Indonesia, Hendra Sudarmanto, also won a bronze medal – he was very good too.

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