Cute Vietnamese girls & hot Kazakh music

I was looking for some information on the Internet this afternoon about the Vietnamese singers who appeared in the pop section of the ASEAN Golden Melodies Festival last night. I couldn't find what I wanted but my search did lead me to this video on YouTube labeled 'Cute, pretty, hot and sexy Viet'. The song is great (and the girls are pretty cute too).

The person who uploaded the video - which has been watched more than half a million times (I wonder if it's the music or the girls that's pulling them in) - said he wanted to demonstrate that Vietnamese girls have 'class' - apparently someone had posted a comment that Vietnamese girls don't have any class. (I am not so sure that all the girls in the video are Vietnamese though).

I initially thought it was a Vietnamese pop song, but after listening to it a couple of times I realised that the language was not Vietnamese. The language was familiar, but it wasn't until I did a bit more research that I identified it as a song by a group from Kazakhstan called Do-Mi-No (in Kazakh the name is written as Do-Mи-No).

The name of the song is variously written as Ayim ai, Ayimay or Ajimaj.

I also found a video of the group performing the song live at a concert:

I will check to see if they have anything on iTunes when I get back to KL. I like their music.

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