Mugabe holidays in Malaysia

I just received an update from on the latest situation in Zimbabwe. An extract from their newsletter:

“Zimbabwe's crisis - cholera, hyperinflation, hunger, and Mugabe's brutality - keeps worsening. But as the stakes rise, the movement for change is growing stronger and bolder. The European Union just tightened sanctions targeting Mugabe's regime. Hunger strikers in Southern Africa, trying to deliver a petition to leaders Monday, were blasted by riot police shooting rubber bullets. And Tuesday morning, after all-night talks, Mugabe's latest attempt retain control collapsed as the opposition refused to join a false 'unity' government that would leave Mugabe's party in power, political prisoners in jail, and Zimbabweans' urgent needs unmet.” (end of quote)

Of course, Mugabe doesn't have to worry about things like cholera, hyperinflation and hunger. He's just had a nice vacation in Malaysia.

How sad that the country in which I live chose to let this brutal dictator holiday on its shores. They should have kicked him out on arrival.

Oh, I almost forgot, they couldn't do that because Petronas – Malaysia' national oil company – has big investments in Zimbabwe.

I wonder if Mr Mugabe got a private tour of the Petronas Twin Towers? Or maybe he preferred to keep his feet on the ground fearing that someone might kick him off the top. (What a service to the world that would be!)

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